Aktiviteter sponsrade av UVC under 2016


Markkarteringsrådet, Greppa Näringen, SLU och Uppsala Vattencentrum hälsar välkomna till ett fosforseminarium 18 februari 2016. Program


Minisymposium in Microbial Ecology and Biogeochemistry

  • When: 13.15-15.30, Thursday March 17
  • Where: Evolutionary Biology Centre, Lecture Room 1003 (entrance 18D)

13.15-14.00: Prof. Kim Wickland, US Geological Survey. “GHG emission inventories as a basis for IPCC”.

14.00-14.30: Prof. Jay Lennon, Indiana University. “Microbial seed banks: ecology and evolution of dormancy”.

14.30-15.00: Assoc. Prof. Martin Berggren, Lund University. “Interacting effects of microbial degradation and photo-processing on DOM – implications for water brownness and mineralization mechanisms in freshwater systems”.

15.00-15.30: Prof. Paul Bodelier, Netherlands Institute of Ecology. “Ecology of methane cycling: controls, traits and life strategies”.


Advice for management from watersheds to oceans – how to integrate management of land use, fisheries and spatial planning?

  • When: 13:00 – 16:00, Thursday, April 14
  • Where: Audhumbla, VHC, Ultuna
  • Program


Is Aquatic CO2 Evasion Part of the Contemporary Carbon Budget of Peatlands? Seminar with Mike Billett, University of Stirling, Scotland

  • May 4th at 11.00
  • Geocentrum, room Skåne
  • Contact person: Kevin Bishop (UU, Department of Earth Sciences)

2016 Darcy Lecture "Seeing things differently: Rethinking the Relationship Between Data, Models, and Decision-Making"  with Dr. Ty Ferré, University of Arizona

  • May 26th at 10:15-11:15
  • Geocentrum, room Småland
  • Contact person: Kevin Bishop (UU, Department of Earth Sciences)
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